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Concept automobile platform outline
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Front view of Beta design - low carbon vehicle. One piece moulded body and chassis using a specific moulding technique.
Rear view of Beta design - low carbon vehicle. One piece moulded design of thermo-form carbon fibre reinforced plastic (PEEK) for vehicle platform body and chassis.


This is a concept design of a two-seat low carbon vehicle.
The passenger is seated behind the driver. Alternatively , this vehicle platform may be specified with a single driver's seat , therefore providing the option of increased packaging space for energy storage ,and/or hybrid systems.
A four- seat vehicle, and a six -seat family vehicle/people carrier. Chassis and BIW panels are composite  fibre reinforced polymers (e.g. natural polymers and fibres which mitigate the consequential  environmental impact).


Single seat vehicle platform, designed for either urban, or off-road (ATV) applications.




A concept variation of the urban / off-road vehicle platform.



A strong focus is placed on comfort specifications within these vehicles, which feature high-backed, arm-chair seats for the occupants.



Easy access is carefully considered within the proposed specifications, which feature flat-deck cabins and large wide-opening doors.



Smooth , curved shapes are a key design feature of the vehicle BIW , and window panels.


Previous projects include the design and outsourced manufacture to customer specifications ,of bespoke linkage pins with unique integral fasteners that are built into the pin shaft.
Concept symmetrical tractor platform design that comprises of identical front and rear axle /hydraulic sub-assemblies in order to simplify the manufacturing process and reduce cost of build and replacement components, by duplication.
The power source is central to the platform, with a sliding operators cab above, designed for front /rear location, or any position in between to suit individual applications and tasks.



The tractor cab can be moved on locating rails to a rear position on the platform.



Front view of the tractor platform.



Aerial plan view of the tractor, with the cab positioned in a central location.



Tractor chassis platform, which is symmetrical with identical hydraulic link arms for both front and rear operations.



Exploded view of the various sub- assemblies, with the power plant located in a central position.


Mechanically charged metal air-battery cell, for low carbon vehicle platforms. The waste metal oxide fuel, is removed and recycled .
Hydrogen fuel cell , designed for a low carbon vehicle platform. The hydrogen may be stored within ammonia borane as a solid (e.g. pellet form) or as a slurry.Dehydrogenated borane is removed for rehydrogenation, as part of the fuel cycle process.

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